One-Owner Cadillac for Sale in Puyallup

One-Owner Cadillac for Sale in Puyallup

One-Owner Cadillac for Sale in Puyallup

Your trusted local dealer, Larson Used Cars, presents various models of one-owner Cadillac for sale in Puyallup.

One-owner cars trump their multiple-owner counterparts due to many factors. For one, they have passed through just one set of hands after the showroom and so have traveled fewer miles on the roads. Two, there is less wear and tear. Three, they are maintained better. On the flip side, there are just a tad costlier than multiple-owner used cars. But, this is balanced out by the fact that you need not put in any extra cash to get repairs and refurbishing done once you own the vehicle. From our end, we closely scrutinize every used car we take in, be it in looks, performance or maintenance. It is no different with the one-owner Cadillac for sale in Puyallup.

As for car choices, there is a great line-up of Sedans, SUVs and Coupes. Are you looking for a mid-sized luxury one-owner Cadillac for sale in Puyallup? There is the CTS with its various trims. Is an engine powerhouse your requirement? The Escalade fits the bill to a T. If a full-sized vehicle smaller than the Escalade is what you want, take a look at the DTS Sedan. The CTS-V series, the humongous SRX and the XTS complete our line-up.

A multitude of exterior features are common to all models of the one-owner Cadillac. These include daytime running lamps, halogen headlamps, heated outside mirrors and a wide array of body colors. Inside the cabin, features are again chock-a-block with keyless entry, remote ignition, comfortable leather seating, ambient lighting, leather-wrapped tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel with mounted controls, cruise control, power windows and doors, dual-zone automatic climate control and adjustable driver’s seat.

The electronic and entertainment panels are also extensive in the one-owner Cadillac for sale in Puyallup, with Bluetooth connectivity, the Bose® sound system with astounding speakers, a CD player, satellite radio, USB ports and auxiliary jack.


But the most important part of the Cadillac feature inventory is its security system. Multiple airbags, seat belts, active seat restraints, stability and traction control, tire pressure monitor system, child door locks and safety systems, antitheft alarm and parking assist come common in any of these vehicles. But ask specifically if the famed OnStar® package is available in your one-owner Cadillac. It has preemptive and reactive features such as automatic crash response, crisis assist, emergency services, hands-free calling, low mileage discount, remote door unlock, remote horn and lights, roadside and stolen vehicle assistance, turn-by-turn navigation and vehicle diagnostics.

Apart from getting you a vehicle to suit your requirements, we also look into financing it. Do chat up our expert finance team about the eligibility criteria and process details. For more details on the one-owner Cadillac for sale in Puyallup, please do drop in at Larson Used Cars. We look forward to hearing from you!

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