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Fife Pre-owned Truck Dealer


One of the best places to go for Pre-Owned trucks in the Fife area is Puyallup Used Cars. Puyallup Used Cars is a longstanding Fife Pre-Owned Truck Dealer that is dedicated to serving the Fife area and its environs with high quality used trucks. We go to great lengths to recondition our used trucks to get them to an optimal mechanical state. Our used trucks are of many different makes and models.

Design Options at Pre-Owned Truck Dealer


One of the trucks that you may get at this Fife Pre-Owned Truck Dealer is the Ram 2500 heavy-duty pickup truck. This huge truck is primed for heavy-duty, commercial work. It is built upon a solid fully boxed steel frame and it also features a body that has been reinforced to key areas to improve capability e.g. the cargo bed area. This truck may also feature a massive gasoline-powered V8 engine or a turbocharged Cummins® diesel inline-six engine, both of which deliver tons of torque.

The models that feature automatic transmissions may feature a tow/haul mode that is designed to hold the lower gears for longer to facilitate the production of more torque when the truck is hauling/towing heavy loads. The Ram 2500 may also be had in regular cab, crew cab, or mega cab body styles. The cabins of the crew cab and mega cab models can both carry up to six passengers, and they can also be configured to carry a considerable amount of cargo.

Pre-Owned Truck Dealer Model Performance in Fife


If you need an even more capable truck, you should look out for the Ford F-350 Super Duty when you come to this Fife Pre-Owned Truck Dealer. The Ford F-350 Super Duty is a huge one-ton heavy-duty pickup truck that is also primed for serious commercial hauling and towing. Its fully boxed steel frame is stouter and stronger, and it may also be had with a powerful V8 gasoline-powered engine or an even more powerful Power Stroke® turbodiesel V8 engine.

The Ford F-350 Super Duty may also feature a dual-rear-wheel configuration that enhances its hauling/towing capability. This truck may also feature additional trailering features like a trailer sway control system or an integrated trailer brake controller that enables you to apply brakes to both the truck’s and the trailer’s wheels when you step on the brake pedal.

We at Puyallup Used Cars have listed all the used trucks that we have here on our website. You can browse through our inventory and request for more information about specific trucks using the links that we have provided. Puyallup Used Cars is located at 300 River Rd., Puyallup, WA 98371.

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